Acaciawood & Baluwatu
(Zimbali Coastal Resort, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa)
Reasons Why You Should Stay Here
After browsing through our photo and video galleries you are probably aware that the Zimbali Holiday Home offers luxury upmarket villas. We will try convince you to stay in one of our two holiday homes in a concise manner, by summarising the major factors that we believe make our accommodation perfect for all guests:
  • Safety
  • The Zimbali Coastal Resort is one of the safest estates in South Africa at the moment. The estate is fully secured with guarded entrances and 24 hour security patrol. There are also numerous surveillance cameras situated throughout the estate. Guests can have peace-of-mind while staying at the Zimbali Holiday Home villas. Also on the topic of safety, we have taken extra precautionary measures to protect young children from accidental mishaps, for example by placing a safety net over the splash pool in the Acaciawood villa.
  • Privacy
  • Our holiday homes are private, and the estate is very peaceful and quiet. It may be the ideal destination for you to relax. It is truly a home away from home.
  • House servicing
  • The villas are serviced everyday of the week (except on Sundays and public holidays) at no extra cost, giving you all the advantages of self-catering without the disadvantages such as cleaning.
  • Affordability & Ease of Payment
  • At first glance one may speculate that renting here is quite expensive (view accommodation rates). However, if one calculates the rate per person it is obvious that the houses are affordable and well worth it. We currently accept payment through EFT's (Electronic Fund Transfers), direct deposits and PayPal; and soon we will be accepting credit cards for guests staying at the Baluwatu villa.
  • Reliability
  • We have proven our reliability over the last 8 years by continuously providing luxury accommodation and a high standard of service.
  • Direct dealing
  • Dealing directly with the owner gives guests the lowest possible prices.
    We hope that we have convinced you to stay at the Zimbali Holiday Home. Thank you for your time.
    If you still believe that this holiday home is not perfect for you, please feel free to contact us and let us know how we can improve to suite your needs.